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Let’s Talk Convocation, Poetry and One of the Most Important Professions in the World

Hello CNM!

It was fantastic to see so many of you at Convocation last week!

I hope you enjoyed the program, especially the powerful poetry that was performed by some amazing poets. I was moved and inspired by their words, so many of which were in honor of faculty. I hope you were too.

We all know that teaching is one of the most honorable and important professions in the world. It’s fundamental to human progress, in every sense. Everybody knows this, yet too often it’s taken for granted. It deserves to be honored, appreciated and celebrated much more often.

At CNM, we know that our faculty members are awesome and second to none. We know that they make our community a better place to live. And we know that they give our students the best chance to reach their potential and have a successful life. At this year’s Convocation, we wanted to show our appreciation for our faculty.

But it’s always fantastic to hear people outside of the education community trumpet the prolific importance of teachers, like Albuquerque Poet Laureate Hakim Bellamy did so powerfully at Convocation.

If you missed his performance of his inspiring poem, “Stand,” or if you would like to see it again, click here.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this year’s Convocation and the poets who performed – Hakim Bellamy, Taylor Mali, faculty member Don McIver, and our two terrific students, Mike Kimball and Sirena Rayes.

And I’d also like to hear any thoughts you’d like to share about our faculty or the noble profession of teaching. Please post your thoughts and let’s have a conversation.

Thanks, Kathie